Ways to Use Pickleball Machine- Let’s Find Out!

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By Jacob Jackson

Are you struggling to find a partner to practice your pickleball skills with? Or maybe you’re just looking for a way to take your game to the next level? Look no further than the pickleball machine! This amazing tool can help you practice and improve your pickleball skills, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced player.

14 Creative Drills to Use a Pickleball Machine

Creative drills are an essential part of pickleball training, and using a pickleball machine can make them even more exciting. Here are some fun and engaging drills you can try:

Shot Specificity

Pickleball Machine

Practice your shot specificity and improve your technique, accuracy, and consistency using a pickleball machine. Experiment with different angles and distances from the net to perfect your forehand shots. You can also work on volleys by setting the machine to spit out quick shots that require you to move around the court. Try drills like “tennis tennis” or “pickleball tennis” where multiple machines are set up around the court for a challenging and dynamic workout.

Target Areas

The pickleball machine is a fantastic tool to help you target specific areas of improvement. Set up drills that focus on your weak hand or practice hitting specific targets on the court to enhance your accuracy. Use strategic ball placement to work on defensive strategies or focus on volleys with quick direction changes. Incorporating speed and agility exercises into each drill will help build endurance and muscle memory for more fluid movements during a match.


Improve your timing with passing, live ball, and reaction drills using a pickleball machine. Passing drills will help you become more accurate when passing the ball back and forth. Live ball drills focus on quick reactions to shots coming your way. Reaction drills require you to move around the court in response to different shot angles and speeds. These drills can be adjusted using a pickleball machine for improved timing accuracy.


Develop your rhythm and consistency with the help of a pickleball machine. Set up two speeds on the machine for forehands and backhands and practice hitting each shot alternately. This rhythmic pattern will help you improve your technique, footwork, and shot selection. Challenge yourself by speeding up or slowing down the pace for an extra level of difficulty.

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Shot Tolerance

Use a pickleball machine to improve your shot tolerance by practicing shots with varying levels of spin, tempo, and power. Maintaining accuracy while adjusting your strokes to different shot types will help you stay consistent regardless of what your opponents throw at you.

Aerobic vs. Anaerobic Training

Discover the benefits of both aerobic and anaerobic training with drills using a pickleball machine. Aerobic exercises involve sustained, low-intensity activities that focus on improving cardiovascular fitness. Anaerobic exercises, on the other hand, involve short bursts of intense training that target specific muscle groups and build strength. Incorporate long rallies with slightly varied shots for aerobic benefits and shorter drills with high-intensity shots for anaerobic training. These exercises will enhance footwork skills, agility, and strength in targeted muscle groups.

Use Pickleball Machine

Movement and Positioning

Improve your movement and positioning on the court with creative drills using a pickleball machine. Focus on different stances, footwork, hand positions, and arm movements to master ball control. Practice techniques like drop shots, volleys, dinks/loops, topspin shots, and underspin serves to elevate your pickleball game. Combine these drills with practice against opponents or the pickleball machine for maximum results.

Footwork Patterns

Develop agility and coordination with footwork pattern drills using a pickleball machine. Move in different directions around the court while hitting shots to improve quick feet, balance, and control. Engage in exercises like figure 8 patterns, shuttling between two points, running laps while volleying, or incorporating ladder drills with pickleball strokes. These interactive drills will make you more agile and coordinated, leading to success on the pickleball court.

Decision-Making Drills

Challenge your decision-making skills with drills using a pickleball machine. Practice making split-second decisions on shot type, placement, power, and frequency. Creative drills that require quick thinking will help you develop strategies for gameplay and improve your overall performance.

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First Strike

Master the first-strike shot with precision using this creative drill. Set the machine to hit balls into specific areas of the court, making it challenging for your opponent to return. Control the speed, spin, direction, and placement of each shot. Use this drill to practice footwork by running around the court while hitting shots into various targets or zones. This exercise will enhance accuracy, power, control, and footwork skills.

Serve +1

Improve your serve accuracy and power with the serve +1 drill. Hit a serve at the pickleball machine and immediately hit a second shot off the return. Repeat this pattern to develop consistency and confidence in both serves and returns. This drill will benefit you in real matches against opponents.

Return +1

Fine-tune your return shots with the return +1 drill. Alternate between forehand and backhand returns while maintaining the same distance from the pickleball machine. Aim to hit two consecutive shots with one landing within the court to earn a point. This drill will help you practice technique, create angles, and spin when returning shots under pressure. Challenge yourself by moving farther away from the machine for added difficulty.

Return of Serve

Improve your returns of serve using a pickleball machine. Start with a low-speed setting and vary the angle and distance of shots. Gradually increase the speed and complexity to enhance your consistency and accuracy. Use creativity in shot selection and strategic placement to challenge your opponent. This drill will boost your confidence and accuracy when returning serves in real matches.

Point Finishing Shots

Practice point-finishing shots such as overheads, swinging volleys, high volleys, and high short groundstrokes. Create a drill for doubles using overheads, where the machine tosses subsequent balls before the primary point ends. The goal is to score points by hitting overheads that are difficult for your opponents to return. This drill will enhance accuracy, power, and footwork.

Coaches Use Pickleball Machines

How Coaches Use Pickleball Machines?

Pickleball machines are invaluable tools for coaches to use when training their athletes. Coaches can simulate game-like situations and design drills that challenge players in unique ways. By programming different shots, speeds, and spins, coaches can tailor each exercise to the specific needs of their athletes. Pickleball machines allow for repetition and practice, essential for building strong fundamentals in any sport. Coaches can track progress and make adjustments based on recorded results from each drill session.

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Pickleball machines offer coaches versatility, customization, and tracking capabilities, making them a valuable addition to any training program.


Are pickleball machines worth it?

Yes, pickleball machines are worth the investment for those looking to practice their technique and elevate their game. They offer features like automated ball feeding and return systems that enhance skill development. With the convenience of practicing at home and the ability to tailor drills to specific needs, pickleball machines are a valuable tool for serious players.

How to practice pickleball alone?

There are several ways to practice pickleball alone. You can start with simple drills like bouncing the ball off a wall or practicing your serves. Set up a net and play against yourself by hitting the ball repeatedly. Solo options also include shadowing, paddle drills, and footwork patterns. These exercises will improve your skills and court coverage.

Can you use pickleballs in a tennis ball machine?

No, you cannot use pickleballs in a tennis ball machine. Pickleballs are smaller than tennis balls and will not fit into the machine.

Wrap Up

Are you ready to level up your pickleball game? Pickleball machines offer an exciting and effective way to improve your skills and become an expert player. With a wide variety of creative drills to choose from, you can enhance your technique, footwork, shot selection, and decision-making skills. Whether you’re practicing solo or working with a coach, the pickleball machine is a valuable tool that will take your game to the next level. Start practicing today and unleash your full pickleball potential!

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