Ace Pickleball Club: We Set the Standards High

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By Jacob Jackson

Ace Pickleball Club is dedicated to delivering the highest quality pickleball experience. As suggested by our name, we aim to be the ace – the best and unmatched pickleball club that sets standards high.

Our club has a clear mission and vision – to promote pickleball in an environment of inclusivity and sportsmanship while providing members with world-class facilities, coaching, and events. We believe in nurturing players to realize their full potential while fostering positive relationships and a tight-knit community.

The High Standards at Ace Pickleball Club

At Ace Pickleball Club, we set higher standards right from the start – in our facilities, equipment, programs, and policies – differentiating ourselves from other clubs.

Ace Pickleball Club Guide
Franchise Times

Our indoor and outdoor courts utilize premium surfaces and gear to match professional Pickleball Association standards. We intentionally limit membership to maintain an uncrowded experience. Our coaches are all Pickleball Association certified and provide customized private lessons, clinics, and boot camps for all ages and skill levels. Even our club policies aim to facilitate equitable court time for members.

This uncompromising commitment to excellence shapes an unrivaled pickleball experience for our members.

Facilities and Equipment

Ace Pickleball Club features 8 dedicated, regulation-sized pickleball courts with smooth SportCourt surfaces to facilitate longer volleys and precise ball control. Courts are equipped with portable nets and paddles from top athletic brands like Head and Selkirk to match what the pros use.

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An expansive viewing deck and shaded lounge area allow members to relax in between games while still soaking up the live action on the courts.

The high-grade facilities engender seamless gameplay which members appreciate. As pickleball member John S. says, “I love playing on these courts – the predictable bounces keep me in a real rhythm and the zone!”

Training and Development

As pickleball technical advisor Andrew notes, “We intentionally design our lessons, clinics, and boot camps to push players out of their comfort zone and realize new potential.”

Our team of 5 gold-certified coaches – with 50+ years of combined teaching experience – offer private, semi-private, and group lessons at all levels along with specialty training like around-the-post shot mastery.

For those looking to take their game up a notch, our drills & skills, and tournament prep clinics run all year long. And our popular 3-day pickleball boot camps will get your game tournament ready!

Member testimonials affirm the training quality. As Nancy R. raves, “My game has grown in leaps since I started working with Coach Maggie. I can place my serves and return speedy volleys thanks to all her drills and tips!”

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Community and Events

In addition to world-class facilities and training, our members gain a sense of community and camaraderie. From weekend socials to members-only tournaments, there are always opportunities to meet fellow players in a relaxed, friendly environment.

Our annual club championship draws members from all skill brackets who enjoy competing and socializing together. Occasional guest celebrities like pro player Dave Weinbach also make appearances for clinics and mini-tournaments much to the delight of members!

As member Paula G. notes, “While the facilities and coaching here are second to none, my favorite part of being a member is all the awesome people I’ve met. The club’s social events make it easy to make friends on and off the court!”

Ace Pickleball Club

Testimonials and Success Stories

We could boast all day about our standards, but nothing speaks as loudly as real member experiences. Like Fernando, S. says, “My wife and I wanted to find a new hobby to enjoy together in our retirement years. We’ve met the most welcoming community of pickleballers here at Ace who cheer both my wins and losses!”

Another member, Tessa B., found herself struggling with a string of losses when she first joined the club as a beginner. However dedicated lessons with Coach Andrew and a regular practice partner helped rebuild her confidence. Just a year later, Tessa competed in a local charity tournament taking home a silver medal in mixed doubles!

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And the stories continue for members improving fitness, making friends, and more. Pickleball truly has an impact at Ace Pickleball Club.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are membership rates and options at Ace Pickleball?

We offer full annual, 6-month, and summer 3-month memberships. Rates start at $145/month for our full annual membership. Court fees are included with membership and discounts apply for couples, juniors, seniors, and students.

Are there any women-only programs?

Yes, we offer a women’s round-robin play time as well as a women’s intro clinic for newer female players wanting a comfortable environment to learn proper mechanics with all equipment provided.

Do I need my paddle and gear?

No. We have top-quality paddles and balls for use free of charge. Once you join, we can recommend the best paddle and gear to complement your game as you progress.


At Ace Pickleball Club, every piece of the member experience has been carefully crafted – from court surfaces engineered for control to welcoming members-only socials. We set elevated standards so both rookie and experienced pickleball players can thrive and build lasting friendships. Our community would love to have you experience Ace Pickleball Club for yourself!

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