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Anna Leigh Waters: The Rising Pickleball Phenom

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By Jacob Jackson

Pickleball, one of the fastest-growing sports in America, has a new star on the rise: Anna Leigh Waters. At just 15 years old, Anna Leigh Waters has taken the pickleball world by storm, becoming the sport’s youngest professional player and racking up tournament wins that prove she’s a force well beyond her years.

Anna Leigh Waters: From Tennis Courts to Pickleball Dominance

Anna Leigh’s introduction to racquet sports came early when she began playing tennis at age 5. Displaying prodigious talent right away, she quickly rose through the junior tennis rankings, winning singles and doubles titles at the state and regional levels. But after about four years on the court, Ann Leigh Waters decided she needed a change of pace and discovered pickleball.

Anna Leigh Waters Pickleball
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Immediately, Ann Leigh Waters knew she had found her true passion. “After my first time playing pickleball, I was hooked,” she recalls. “I loved the fast pace of the game and the strategy involved. I could tell this sport was made for me.

Though tennis and pickleball share similarities, subtle differences give pickleball its unique flavor. Smaller pickleball courts, lower nets, and matches played as doubles or singles resemble tennis. But pickleball moves at a quicker speed, has its own signature paddle and plastic ball, and introduces unique rules like the “kitchen” no-volley zone. All these facets suited Anna Waters’ skills perfectly.

At age 11, Anna Waters decided to focus her competitive efforts fully on pickleball. Her parents, who could see her natural abilities shining through, supported her choice. “We realized pretty quickly that a waters pickleball had an immense talent for pickleball,” says her mother. “When we saw how much she loved playing, we wanted to encourage her dream of pursuing it.

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Anna Leigh Waters: Rising Through the Ranks

For the next few years, Ann Leigh Waters diligently honed her pickleball craft, training daily under excellent coaches and entering as many tournaments as possible. Her dedication and drive led to major tournament wins in women’s doubles, mixed doubles, and singles matchups. By age 13, she had already become the #2 ranked female pickleball player in the country in her age bracket.

Her standout skills even caught the attention of pickleball legend Ben Johns. Impressed with her talent, Johns decided to take Anna Leigh Waters under his wing and coach her one-on-one. “Anna Leigh Waters has more raw talent and potential than any other young player I’ve seen,” notes Johns. “She has the speed, reflexes, and competitive spirit to dominate this sport for years to come.”

With Johns’ expert tutelage, a waters pickleball made astounding progress over the next two years. She began competing against adult players, holding her own and beating out players twice her age. Her outstanding tournament showings qualified a waters pickleball for the professional pickleball circuit at just 15 years old – the youngest ever to do so.

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Taking the Pro Circuit by Storm

Now competing full-time as a pro, Anna Leigh Waters has become pickleball’s brightest new star. In September 2021, she won her first professional tournament in the women’s doubles bracket. “That first pro tournament win was an incredible feeling,” says Anna Waters. “It gave me the confidence to know I belonged playing at this level.”

Anna Leigh Waters

Since turning pro, Anna Leigh Waters has vaulted up the professional pickleball rankings. She already sits at #47 in the world after just a few months on the circuit. With her skills continuing to improve every day under Johns’ guidance, a waters l waters pickleball has established herself as a force to be reckoned with.

Off the court, Anna Waters works just as diligently on her schoolwork as she does on her game. She is homeschooled to allow more time for travel and training and maintains excellent grades. “I never want pickleball to get in the way of education,” comments Anna Waters Pickleball. “Life is about balance.

With her winning attitude both on and off the court, Leigh Waters shows wisdom and maturity well beyond her years. Now a sponsored Pro at Pickleball Central, Anna Waters Pickleball hopes to inspire other young players to follow their dreams. “If you have passion for something, pursue it with all your heart,” she advises aspiring athletes.

At just 15, a waters l waters pickleball has already made history. With her incredible drive and talent, there is no doubt this is just the beginning of a long, victorious pickleball career. Anna Waters is the real deal – and definitely, the exciting young pickleball prodigy you need to know.

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How old is Anna Leigh Waters?

Anna Leigh Waters is currently 15 years old. She turned pro in pickleball at the incredibly young age of 15.

What paddle does Anna Leigh Waters use?

Anna Leigh Waters is sponsored by Pickleball Central, so she uses a custom Pickleball Central paddle. Her signature paddle is the PC Pro Anna Waters Ultra.

How did Anna Leigh Waters get started with pickleball?

Anna Waters started playing pickleball at age 11 after an early career playing competitive junior tennis. She quickly realized pickleball was her ideal sport and switched her focus.

Final Word

At just 15 years old, Anna Leigh Waters has already accomplished more in pickleball than many pros do in their entire careers. Her raw talent, competitive drive, and excellent coaching have allowed her to skyrocket up the pro rankings at a shockingly young age. If she continues on this incredible trajectory, a waters l waters pickleball has the potential to become one of the greatest pickleball players the sport has ever seen. Keep your eye on this young phenom – she’s bound to keep breaking records and shocking the world as her legendary career unfolds.

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