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Dylan Frazier: The Pickleball Star

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By Jacob Jackson

Dylan Frazier, a rising star in pickleball, has swiftly climbed the ranks. Introduced to the sport in 2016, this 19-year-old college sophomore has already achieved a remarkable feat: he’s ranked #12 in doubles globally. Balancing his studies at the University of Missouri, Dylan continues to make waves on the professional circuit. From his pro debut at the 2021 APP Tour Punta Gorda Open to his instrumental role in the California BLQK Bears’ success, Frazier’s passion for pickleball shines through.


Dylan Frazier, a prodigy in pickleball, has been a game-changer since his introduction to the sport in 2016. With a background distinct from tennis, Frazier’s approach is innovative, blending academic rigor from his Business Administration studies at the University of Missouri with athletic prowess.

Dylan Frazier

His strategic finesse and agility have earned him a top-12 doubles ranking globally, a testament to his dedication and skill. Balancing collegiate responsibilities with professional tournaments, Frazier’s journey is a beacon for aspiring athletes, proving that with passion and hard work, success on the court is within reach. His achievements, including a men’s singles gold medal and numerous podium finishes, spotlight pickleball’s growing appeal, and Frazier’s rising star in its firmament.

Certainly! Here’s a detailed table with information about Dylan Frazier, the professional pickleball player:

Full NameDylan Frazier
Age21 years old
Playing Since2016
World Doubles Rank#12 as of the end of the 2022 season
EducationBusiness Administration at the University of Missouri
Professional TourCarvana® Professional Pickleball Association (PPA)
Men’s Singles Rank7th overall
Notable AchievementsMen’s Doubles Gold Medal, multiple podium finishes
Playing StyleKnown for strategic finesse and agility
BackgroundPlayed basketball, soccer, and baseball before pickleball
Paddle BrandSelkirk uses the Selkirk Vanguard Power Air Premium Pickleball Paddle
Career HighlightsMultiple appearances in finals and semifinals of major tournaments

Dylan Frazier: Age and Height

Dylan Frazier, at 22, stands out in the pickleball community with a height of 6’0″. His journey began at 14, and by 17, he was competing professionally. Unlike his peers, Frazier’s rise in the sport comes without a high-level tennis background, making his top-10 ranking even more impressive. His dedication extends beyond the court as he completes his Business Administration degree. With 26 podium finishes and a recent men’s singles gold medal, Frazier’s unique story and stature make him a pickleball star to watch.

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Dylan Frazier: Early Life and Education

Dylan Frazier’s journey to pickleball stardom began in his hometown of Columbia, Missouri. His early life was marked by a love for sports, playing football, basketball, baseball, and soccer. However, it was during a family trip to Florida in 2016 that Dylan discovered pickleball, a sport his mother had enjoyed during her college days at the University of Missouri. This discovery led to the Fraziers finding a local pickleball club back home, where Dylan’s competitive spirit quickly flourished.

Dylan Frazier Bio

Embracing the sport wholeheartedly, Dylan and his mother entered the Show-Me State Games, igniting a competitive fire that would propel him into the professional realm. Despite not medaling initially, the experience fueled his ambition. Dylan’s educational journey paralleled his athletic pursuits; he balanced his rise in pickleball with academic rigor, studying Business Administration at the University of Missouri.

His transition from a 5.0 ranking to professional play in 2021 was driven not by financial motives but by a pure passion for the game and a desire to compete against the best. This dedication has seen him rapidly ascend the ranks, becoming a prominent figure in the pickleball world while still a full-time college student. His story is a testament to the power of passion and perseverance, inspiring many in the sports community.

Dylan Frazier: Career and Achievements

Dylan Frazier, a prodigious talent in pickleball, has made remarkable strides since his introduction to the sport in 2016. As a full-time college student, he balances academics with a burgeoning professional career. Frazier’s agility and strategic play have earned him a top-12 world ranking in doubles.

His dedication to the sport is evident in his rapid ascent through the ranks, making him a standout athlete and a rising star in the pickleball community. His journey from a recreational player to a professional exemplifies dedication and passion, inspiring many in the sports world.

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Dylan Frazier: Net Worth

Dylan Frazier, renowned in the pickleball realm, has not publicly disclosed his net worth. However, his impact on the sport is invaluable. Starting in 2016, Frazier’s ascent in the pickleball rankings is a testament to his skill and dedication.

Dylan Frazier Net Worth

Balancing a full-time college education with professional play, he’s a beacon for aspiring athletes. His strategic prowess on the court has garnered him top rankings and significant wins, contributing to his financial success. While exact figures are elusive, Frazier’s contributions to pickleball are undeniably rich, marking him as a star in the sport’s firmament.🌟

Dylan Frazier: Relationships and Family

Dylan Frazier, the pickleball sensation, cherishes a close-knit family bond that fuels his passion for the sport. His mother, Cindy, introduced him to pickleball during a family trip to Florida, sparking a shared competitive spirit.

Together, they entered their first tournament, igniting Dylan’s professional journey. His father, Shawn, actively participates in the local pickleball community, reflecting the family’s collective love for the game. This familial foundation has been pivotal in Dylan’s rise in the pickleball world, showcasing the power of family support in nurturing athletic prowess.

Dylan Frazier: Social Media Presence

Dylan Frazier, the pickleball virtuoso, commands a dynamic social media presence that amplifies his sportsmanship and personal brand. With a dedicated following, Frazier’s platforms buzz with highlights from his latest tournaments, training insights, and personal milestones. His engaging content on Facebook resonates with fans, fostering a community around his athletic journey.

Frazier’s social media strategy not only showcases his prowess on the court but also his relatable personality off it, making him a beloved figure in the pickleball world and beyond. His digital footprint is a testament to his rising star power and influence in the sport.

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Dylan Frazier: Interesting Facts

Dylan Frazier is a remarkable young athlete, making waves in the world of professional pickleball. At just 19, he’s ranked No. 12 in men’s doubles globally. His journey began in 2016, introduced to the sport during a family trip to Florida.

Frazier’s rapid ascent in pickleball is a testament to his dedication and skill, balancing a rigorous practice schedule with his studies at the University of Missouri. His story is not just about sports; it’s about passion, perseverance, and the rise of pickleball’s popularity. Discover more about Dylan’s inspiring path to becoming a pickleball prodigy.

Dylan Frazier: Latest News and Controversy

Dylan Frazier, a rising star in professional pickleball, recently found himself amidst a paddle controversy. At the PPA Seattle Open, questions arose about the legality of Zane Navratil’s ProXR paddle, which Frazier and others used. Despite passing initial tests, the paddle’s roughness sparked debates and challenges.

Dylan Frazier Latest News

Frazier, known for his sportsmanship, was unexpectedly beaten by Naveen Beasley, raising eyebrows. This incident highlights the intense scrutiny of professional pickleball equipment standards and the sport’s growing competitive spirit.


Who is Dylan Frazier?

Dylan Frazier is a young and talented professional pickleball player from Missouri, known for his rapid rise in the sport without a high-level tennis background.

What are Dylan Frazier’s notable achievements in pickleball?

Frazier has earned multiple podium finishes on the PPA Tour and recently won his first-ever men’s singles gold medal at the Masters.

How did Dylan Frazier start playing pickleball?

He was introduced to pickleball at the age of 14 during a family trip to Florida and has been competing professionally since he was 17.

What sets Dylan Frazier apart from other players?

Frazier is distinguished by being one of the top-ranked players without a prior background in tennis, showcasing his natural talent for the game.

What is Dylan Frazier’s educational background?

Alongside his professional pickleball career, Dylan is completing his undergraduate degree in Business Administration at the University of Missouri.


In conclusion, Dylan Frazier’s journey in pickleball is a testament to his exceptional talent and unwavering dedication. His achievements have not only elevated his status within the sport but also contributed to the growing popularity of pickleball.

As he continues to balance his academic pursuits with his athletic career, Frazier remains a beacon of inspiration for aspiring athletes. His story underscores the essence of sportsmanship and the potential for greatness regardless of one’s background. Dylan Frazier is indeed a pickleball star to watch. 

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