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By Jacob Jackson

Jamie Foxx is a man of many talents and diverse interests. From a successful career in film and music to passions like photography and football, Foxx continuously explores new creative outlets. His latest obsession? The fast-growing sport of pickleball. As Foxx trades time on movie sets for time on the pickleball court with his new paddle in hand, his infectious enthusiasm is shining a spotlight on the sport and drawing new audiences into pickleball fever.

Jamie Foxx and His Diverse Interests

Foxx burst onto the entertainment scene in the 1990s with his comedy and acting talents on full display in the sketch comedy show In Living Color. Since then, he has showcased incredible range in films like Ray—for which he won an Academy Award for Best Actor—Django Unchained, Baby Driver, and Spider-Man: No Way Home. Music is another arena where Foxx flexes his versatility, releasing R&B albums and singles over the years.

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Away from the screen and studio, Foxx indulges side interests like photography and being minority owner of an NFL team, the Philadelphia Eagles. He played football and basketball in high school, so his investment in the Eagles fulfilled a long-held sports dream. Consistently curious, engaging, and energetic, Foxx is always up for new challenges and discoveries. Enter pickleball.

What is Pickleball?

Pickleball is a fast-paced racket sport that combines elements of tennis, badminton, and ping pong. Played on a badminton-sized court with a net, perforated plastic ball, and paddle, pickleball was invented in 1965 but has skyrocketed in popularity over the last decade.

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Basic pickleball lingo includes:

  • The serve: Players serve underhand, hitting the ball diagonally into the opponent’s service zone.
  • Dinking: Soft shots hit close to the net, bouncing low after the serve.
  • Volley: Hitting the ball out of the air without letting it bounce.
  • Double bounce: When the ball bounces twice on a side. This results in the end of the point.

Pickleball can be played in singles or doubles. The first side scoring 11 points and leading by 2 points wins. Pickleball provides a fun, social atmosphere for all ages and abilities to play together. The simpler rules combined with fast-paced rallies make pickleball an addicting game.

Jamie Foxx’s Journey into Pickleball

Intrigued after hearing friends rave about pickleball, Jamie Foxx decided to give it a try at a local LA club in 2021. As a super competitive former athlete, Foxx dove headfirst into mastering the sport’s techniques. After getting a taste for those fierce pickleball rallies, Foxx was hooked!

Within months, he was playing in tournaments with professional partner Jennifer Lucore. The duo competed in the 2021 Las Vegas Pickleball Open, making it to the mixed pro doubles finals before facing defeat. Foxx dished on his obsession with the sport on The Tonight Show, surprising viewers with his bunny rabbit paddle grip tape and stellar defensive plays.

In 2022, Foxx continued his winning streak, snagging the mixed doubles title at the American Pickleball Association National Championships with partner Lucore. Ever the showman, Foxx provided running commentary of the final match on Instagram for his eager fans. To cap off his triumphant pickleball year, the multi-talented superstar launched his own paddle and gear line with Hyperlite Sports. The Jamie Foxx Pickleball Paddle line includes featuring Foxx’s signature style and flair.

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As one of the most prominent Black celebrities in the predominantly white sport of pickleball, Foxx recognizes the platform he has to promote diversity and inclusion. “I want people of color to say, ‘Hey, I could do this,’ and like anything else feel part of it,” Foxx told USA Today. Indeed, the Jamie Foxx effect is real. His participation is encouraging more people of color to pick up paddles and join the welcoming pickleball community.

The Impact of Jamie Foxx’s Involvement in Pickleball

Foxx brings star power, mean backhand slices and overheads, and contagious excitement to his pickleball participation. His fame casts a wide spotlight on this niche sport, garnering extensive media coverage in outlets like Sports Illustrated, USA Today, Jimmy Kimmel Live and more.

Jamie Foxx’s Pickleball

With new tournaments and sponsors signing on, the popularity of pickleball is booming. Many credit Foxx and other high-profile player ambassadors like LeBron James for propelling public interest. Sports business expert Darren Rovell noted, “Jamie Foxx has triggered this…sense that it’s cool.” Pickleball participation in the US has indeed doubled since 2020 to about 5 million amateur players today.

As pickleball receives this celebrity bump, expect product sales growth, more pickleball on TV broadcasts, increased diversity, and greater overall mainstream visibility. Perhaps we’ll even see “Foxx and Friends Pickleball” tournaments pop up at local clubs soon! Jamie Foxx’s passion has captured the pickleball fever—and he’s ready to share it far and wide.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What type of paddle does Jamie Foxx use to play pickleball?

Jamie Foxx partnered with Hyperlite Sports in 2022 to create his own signature pickleball paddle line. The Jamie Foxx Pickleball Paddles feature unique graphics with Foxx’s signature flair. The paddles provide excellent touch and control for Foxx’s smooth playing style.

Has Jamie Foxx won any pickleball tournaments?

Yes, Jamie Foxx and his mixed doubles partner Jennifer Lucore won gold in the mixed pro doubles division of the 2022 American Pickleball Association National Championships. This was a huge accomplishment so early in Foxx’s pickleball career.

How did Jamie Foxx first get introduced to the sport of pickleball?

Jamie Foxx decided to try pickleball in 2021 after hearing positive reviews of the sport from friends. As a former high school basketball and football player, Foxx was attracted to pickleball as an outlet to feed his competitive drive. After hitting some balls at a local LA pickleball club, Foxx was immediately hooked on the addictive play.


Jamie Foxx continues to impress with his incredible range of talents—and pickleball is now added to this versatile skill set. Foxx’s humor, flair and dedication to excelling is bringing fresh energy and diversity to the rapidly expanding pickleball community. As Foxx leans into his latest passion, expect pickleball fever to keep spreading for years to come.

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