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Kyle Yates: The Pickleball Star

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By Jacob Jackson

Kyle Yates is an American pickleball player who has won multiple titles and awards in the sport. He is widely regarded as one of the best and most influential players in the world.

Kyle Yates: Age and Height

Kyle Yates was born in Florida in the 1990s. His exact date of birth and height are not publicly available.

Kyle Yates

Kyle Yates: Early Life and Education

Kyle grew up as an active athlete who played tennis at school. When he was a teenager, his uncle, Mike Welter, introduced him to the sport of pickleball. He quickly fell in love with the game and started competing in tournaments. He decided to put his education at the University of Florida on hold to dedicate himself full-time to developing pickleball.

Kyle Yates: Career

Kyle Yates made his mark in the pickleball scene in 2014, when he won gold in the men’s doubles 19+ division at his first USA Pickleball National Tournament. He went on to win the grand slam of men’s pro doubles in 2016, by winning the US Open,

Tournament of Champions, and the USAPA Nationals. He has also won six US Open pro doubles titles, two Tournament of Champions pro doubles titles, and two USAPA Nationals pro doubles titles, among others. In 2018, he was named the World Pickleball Federation world #1 ranked doubles player.

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He has also earned gold medals in singles and mixed doubles at various events, such as the Florida Grand Slam, the French Open, the Spanish Open, and the Chicago Open.

Kyle Yates: Net Worth

Kyle Yates’s net worth is not publicly disclosed, but estimates suggest that his pickleball career, sponsorships, and endorsements earn him a significant income. Paddletek, a leading pickleball paddle manufacturer, and Carvana, an online car retailer, sponsor him. He also has his line of pickleball apparel and accessories.

Kyle Yates Net Worth

Relationships and Family

Kyle Yates is not married and does not have any children. He is very close to his family, especially his uncle, Mike Welter, who introduced him to pickleball and supported his passion. He also has a loyal fan base and many friends in the pickleball community.

Social Media Presence

Kyle Yates has a strong social media presence, where he shares his pickleball adventures, tips, and insights. He has over 20,000 followers on Instagram, over 10,000 followers on Facebook, and over 5,000 subscribers on YouTube. He also has a website, where he offers online coaching, merchandise, and updates.

Interesting Facts

  • Kyle Yates is a pioneer of the sport and one of the earliest stars in pickleball. He started playing in 2014 when pickleball was still relatively unknown and unpopular. He helped popularize and grow the sport by traveling, competing, and teaching around the world.
  • Kyle is known for his aggressive and versatile playing style, charisma, and sportsmanship. He admires many players and fans in return for their admiration and showcases his skill, talent, and personality on the field.
  • Kyle Yates is also a philanthropist and a mentor. He supports various causes and charities, such as the Kyle Yates Foundation, which provides pickleball equipment and education to underprivileged children. He also coaches and inspires young and aspiring pickleball players.
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Latest News and Controversy

  • Kyle Yates recently won the gold medal in men’s doubles at the 2024 US Open Pickleball Championships, partnering with Ben Johns. This was his seventh US Open title in men’s doubles, and his third with Johns. They defeated Tyson McGuffin and Zane Navratil in a thrilling final match.
  • In 2023, controversy surrounded Kyle when accusations of cheating arose, claiming he used an illegal paddle at the Tournament of Champions. Yates refuted the allegations, asserting that his paddle had approval from the USA Pickleball Association. Subsequent investigations cleared him of any wrongdoing, although lingering doubts about his integrity and reputation persisted among some players and fans.
Latest News and Controversy


How old is Kyle Yates?

Kyle Yates was born in the 1990s, but his exact age is not publicly known.

What is Kyle Yates’s net worth?

Kyle generates a substantial income through his pickleball career, sponsorships, and endorsements, although he has not publicly disclosed his net worth.

Is Kyle Yates married or dating anyone?

Kyle is not married and does not have any children. He has not revealed if he is dating anyone or not.

What is Kyle Yates’s paddle of choice?

Kyle uses the Paddletek Tempest Pro, which is a graphite paddle with a large sweet spot and a textured surface.


Kyle Yates is one of the most successful and influential pickleball players in the world. He has won numerous titles and awards and has helped popularize and grow the sport. Kyle is also a passionate and generous person, who supports various causes and inspires others. He is a true pickleball star and a role model for many.

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