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Mad Drops Pickleball Club!

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By Jacob Jackson

Welcome adrenaline junkies, aggressive players, and smash enthusiasts hungry for fast-paced pickleball action! Allow us to introduce you to the Mad Drops Pickleball Club catering to your hard-charging athletic appetite across [City Name] area courts.

How Mad Drops Came To Be

It all began when long-time best friends and tennis rivals Maggie and Derek decided to check out this pickleball craze sweeping local recreation centers and gymnasiums. Immediately they identified with the quick reactions and heart-thumping exchanges mirroring aspects of tennis they loved most. But vanilla beginner drills lacked intensity for these diehards.

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So Maggie and Derek took matters into their own hands – sparking fierce battles attacking each other with blistering drives, cutting slices and mid-air slams. Their school friends were enthralled witnessing such explosive athleticism and started begging to join the fun. Soon they were hosting round-robin tournaments seeing who could execute the nastiest kitchen lobs and handle mse-numbing returns of fire. The Mad Drops Pickleball Club was born!

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What Makes Mad Drops Unique

Make no mistake – while good sportsmanship and positive community always reign at our core – Mad Drops prioritizes elite pickleball training for serious competitors unafraid of pace and pressure. We specialize in advanced strategies maximizing offense through:

  • Blitzing baseline drives
  • Angled drop volleys
  • Crushing overheads
  • Deceptive dinks

If you crave facing true heat and spin applied both strategically and relentlessly all while navigating lightning transitions, no area club rivals Mad Drops for sheer intensity! We pride ourselves on quality drills fine-tuning elite skills week after week under the discerning eyes of Maggie and Derek along with visiting guest pros passing the torch to tomorrow’s stars.

Ultimately our tight-knit member community bonds through shared love of pickleball played fearlessly at the highest difficulty settings. Mad Drops unites ages 16+ from nearby high schools and colleges with adults working full-time jobs. Come match your talents against area’s best!

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Membership Perks

All Mad Drops members reap awesome benefits including:

  • Weekly elite clinics – tactical and technical
  • Round robin mini-tournaments
  • Featured pro-coached matchplay nights
  • Access to video analysis and stroke feedback
  • Discounted group pricing on paddles & gear
  • Entry fees covered for 3 sanctioned tournaments annually
  • Summer pizza parties & member mixers
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How are beginner/intermediate players welcomed at Mad Drops?

We run quarterly entry academies to evaluate and upgrade skills so all members eventually progress competing at an advanced level through dedicated practice.

What age requirements exist to join Mad Drops Pickleball Club?

We accept members aged 16 and older who pass basic competency tests before joining. For younger junior pros contact our partners at Epic Youth Academies.

Are there any Mad Drops teams to play on after skills develop?

Yes, we field men’s, women’s and mixed teams from 3.0-5.0 levels at regional tournaments for those wishing to test teams experience. Tryouts required.


In the end, nothing bonds old and new friends quite like battling through the fires of intense pickleball competition together. The Mad Drops Pickleball Club builds lifelong community chasing greatness on area courts. Our vision manifests through member journeys continually improving strategic skills and fitness to master this addicting paddle sport at its dynamic highest levels. We can’t wait to see you chasing down drop shots with us!

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