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Maren Morris Plays Pickleball in Two-Piece Black Workout Outfit

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By Jacob Jackson

Maren Morris has a gorgeous appearance. Here’s five ways she stays in shape.

Maren Morris
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Chart-Topping Sensation Maren Morris Steals the Spotlight in Dazzling CMT Crossroads Performance with Hozier! The powerhouse country artist not only mesmerized the audience with her extraordinary vocal prowess but also flaunted her svelte silhouette in a show-stopping one-shoulder purple dress, accentuating her powerful legs and sculpted arms.

Morris, on a wellness quest, sweats it out under the expert guidance of celebrity fitness guru Erin Oprea, who spilled the beans on her diet and exercise regimen exclusively to E!. The Grammy-award-winning star radiates confidence, embracing a healthy mindset on her fitness journeyβ€”she’s not chasing a specific size but aiming to feel her absolute best, as revealed by her dedicated trainer. Unveiling the secrets behind her enviable figure, here are the top five strategies the 33-year-old songstress employs to maintain her toned physique.

She Continues Her Exercise While Travelling

Country sensation Morris doesn’t let her jam-packed tour schedule derail her fitness routine. When not rocking the stage, she engages in dynamic in-person sessions with her fitness guru, Oprea. Despite Oprea’s inability to join her on the road due to prior client commitments, Morris is unstoppable.

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Embracing the beat of her own workout, she’s spotted playing pickleball in sleek black two-piece workout gear, a scene she recently shared on social media. Morris, a true game enthusiast, went the extra mile by showcasing custom paddles matching her tour’s vibe.

Even when miles apart, Morris and Oprea stay connected through technology. “We’ll FaceTime, our tour ritual,” Oprea shared. With Oprea’s innovative Pretty Muscles App, clients can seamlessly replicate their in-person sessions, ensuring no fitness goals are left behind, no matter the location.

She Maintains Proper Portion Control

In the world of wellness wisdom, Oprea spills the beans on Morris’ fitness formula – and it’s no covert operation! The key to Morris’ stellar shape isn’t shrouded in mystery; it’s a vibrant blend of nourishing eats and constant motion. “Unlocking a trim physique isn’t rocket science; the magic lies in adopting a clean eating mantra,” Oprea enthusiastically declares. “Feast on the clean, and watch the lean materialize; pump up your workout game for unwavering strength. There’s no need for drastic cuts; it’s all about mastering the art of portion control. Morris has truly become a virtuoso in the fine art of savoring without overindulging.” Get ready to savor the secrets of Morris’ fitness triumph!

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She Eats a Lot of Protein But Not Enough Carbs

She Eats a Lot of Protein But Not Enough Carbs

Defying the low-carb trend embraced by many through diets like Keto or Paleo, Morris charts her own path. “It’s not about shunning carbs entirely; it’s about a protein-packed approach with a lighter carb emphasis,” asserts Oprea. “Bucking the carb-cutting fad, Morris passionately indulges in a beloved rotisserie chicken recipe. Her culinary adventures, shared with her husband, have become a source of immense joy, proving that flavorful choices can be both delicious and fulfilling.

She engages in tennis

Embracing an active lifestyle alongside powerhouse trainer Oprea, The Tree’s sensational singer and songwriter engages in spirited sports sessions. “Tennis is her game of choice,” reveals the fitness guru. “I advocate for clients to spice up their cardio routine beyond our sessions. The thrill of sports provides the ultimate distraction – chasing a ball is cardio in disguise. Witness her commitment to cardio, paired with exhilarating weight training for a fitness journey that’s as enjoyable as it is effective!”

She Performs Squat Lunges

She Performs Squat Lunges

In a fitness extravaganza, Morris powers through an array of dynamic lower body workouts, with Oprea revealing, “I’ve crafted numerous mesmerizing variations of squats seamlessly transitioning into lunges.” Elaborating on the exhilarating routine, she spilled the beans, “We’ve embraced the thrill of a sumo squat spectacle, a game I’m head over heels for. Picture this: a sumo squat followed by 10 electrifying mini jumps, all while maintaining a low stance. Hold that pose for a heart-pounding 10 seconds, then embark on a countdown – nine diminutive descents with another 10-second low hold, followed by eight jumps and another suspenseful 10-second hold. It’s a workout rollercoaster that has everyone groaning at my entrance and cheering as they exit. They may grumble initially, but once they hit the stage or snap those photos, it’s all love – ‘Okay, I don’t despise her that much today!'” Get ready to sweat and swoon!

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