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Maria Sharapova Plays Pickleball in Black Workout Gear

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By Jacob Jackson

In pickleball, Maria Sharapova is just getting started, despite having resigned from tennis. With a pickleball paddle in hand and dressed entirely in black exercise attire, the 36-year-old champion posted photos of herself on the court. From the FS Tour to the WTA Tour. With Maria Sharapova playing with our FS Tour Series pickleball paddles, we are ecstatic to have her join the Franklin Family. Same competitive drive, but a smaller court and different gear. With The Pickleball Slam 2 in less than two weeks, Maria will be showcasing the FS Tour,” the description said. When Sharapova isn’t competing in pickleball matches, she does the following things.

Maria Sharapova Pickleball

Yoga and Boxing

Sharapova works out with boxing and yoga flow sessions. She said, “I’ve started doing a lot of one-on-one boxing at the beach,” to Well+Good. “I love the focus it needs, and it’s such a wonderful aerobic exercise with plenty of surprise movements. That’s my current routine: three times a week of boxing, with a yoga flow exercise thrown in between to help recover on the days off. To concentrate on stretching, I attempt to fit in a yoga sequence.”

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Use Sunscreen

When Sharapova was six years old, her family moved to Florida from Russia, and she started using SPF right away to protect her skin from the sun. “My mum was very insistent that I apply SPF and that I reapply it ever since the first day that we arrived.” “Wait, why do I need this at such a young age?” I recall thinking. However, she would constantly remind me of the fundamentals of skin cancer and aging. Naturally, when you’re young, you have amazing skin, heal quickly, and don’t have many wrinkles. You also assume that these traits will last a lifetime. However, the idea that prevention could be wise did seem to “stay” with me.”

A lot of water

Sharapova drinks at least three liters of water throughout the day, sometimes with added lemon. “Everyone is different with how much water they need, but I think you kind of get to know your body as you start drinking more,” she told Us Weekly. “I always notice when I don’t [drink enough], especially when I’m traveling. I 100 percent notice a difference in my body and how dehydrated I feel and also my face — my pores become a bit clogged. It’s not fun.”

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Accepting Motherhood

Sharapova says she’s still working on her balance, having had her son Theodore in 2022. She said, “I was ready for motherhood,” to “New Beauty. It was something I had always imagined. As an only child with a strong bond and frequent communication with my mother, I felt prepared to raise a child of my own and share my experiences with them. Even though I’m still primarily trying to figure things out, I’m excited to watch this little boy grow up! Every day is fresh, and you always realize that you don’t have everything figured out.”

From Siberia to the Centre Court

Sharapova is pleased with her entire career. “When you win a Grand Slam, when you become No. 1 in the world, it’s a phenomenal feeling – and you don’t have anything to prove,” she told the newspaper. “I’ve conquered numerous obstacles in my profession; the journey from Siberia to Centre Court is a lengthy one. Giving up is not in my character. I desired to entertain myself.”

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