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Omaha Wins in the Greatest Pickleball Giveaway of All Time!

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By Jacob Jackson

An Indoor Pickleball Facility In Omaha Will Be Opened By The Picklr After Winning The “Picklr Your City” Contest

The Picklr, the fastest-growing pickleball facility in North America, revealed today that Omaha, Nebraska, is the “Picklr Your City” contest winner and will get a Picklr location. Pickleball fans cast over 20,000 votes for hundreds of cities across the country in a two-month online contest, hoping to get a Picklr facility in their city.

A bracket-style format eliminated the top 32 locations, and the final four cities, Anchorage, Alaska; Lake Forest, California; Quincy, Illinois; and Omaha, Nebraska, started local voting drives and media campaigns for the online contest, which Katy Perry, The Dink backed and got over 5.2 million views on social media.

Omaha Pickleball
Omaha World-Herald

Nebraska’s first dedicated indoor pickleball facility will be The Picklr location in Omaha. It will revolutionize Omaha’s pickleball scene by offering a ready-made community for players and access to indoor courts of professional quality, making the sport playable all year long. Omaha native and pickleball enthusiast Scott Francis led the campaign and is excited to welcome The Picklr.

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I have lived in Omaha all my life and have been playing racquet sports since I was a teen, and I can tell you that Omaha has the most passionate sports community, especially pickleball. The local pickleball community here is full of friendly and eager players and already has a solid community. We are eager to welcome The Picklr.

The Picklr intends to open the Omaha facility within six months after a location is chosen and secured. Pickleball fans can look forward to a grand opening with clinics and appearances by professional pickleball players, membership deals, and more.

The Picklr has expanded rapidly in 2023 and will have over 120 locations in 11 states by the end of 2024. With its cutting-edge facilities, lively pickleball community, and free entry to tournaments and clinics, The Picklr is raising the bar for its players and franchise owners.

Omaha Wins in the Greatest Pickleball Giveaway
Omaha World-Herald


“Pickleball is not just a sport at The Picklr; it’s a way of life that promotes social bonding, healthy competition, and fun. The Picklr has more than eighty modern facilities, expert coaches, and a lively environment that make pickleball enjoyable for everyone, no matter their skill level.

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All facilities have top-notch outdoor courts, refreshments, and free access to leagues, tournaments, and clinics. Stay updated on The Picklr’s locations and contests by following them on Instagram, X, LinkedIn, Facebook, and TikTok, or visit to find out how to own a franchise.”

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