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Pickleball Club sandwich will be introduced by Subway

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By Jacob Jackson

Pickleball Club sandwich: Indeed, pickles are present. The chain sponsors the Pickleball Slam, an upcoming competition where tennis legends compete with paddles rather than racquets.

Pickleball has become a recognized sport when Subway attaches a sandwich to it.

The new Pickleball Club from Subway was introduced on Thursday and will make its restaurant debut nationwide on April 27. In promoting the new menu item, the sandwich business partnered with tennis legend Andy Roddick, who was once ranked as the world’s top player and won the 2003 U.S. Open winner.

Pickleball Club sandwich

Pickleball Club sandwich: From Tennis Court to Pickleball Arena

It looks like Roddick has traded in his racquet for a paddle. On April 2, at the Hard Rock Live in Hollywood, Florida (known for its giant guitar-shaped building), he’ll compete against tennis legends such as John McEnroe, Andre Agassi, and Michael Chang.

The event is produced by InsideOut Sports & Entertainment and Horizon Sports & Experiences, and Subway is a sponsor. The live broadcast on ESPN is set for noon Eastern time. During this time, many pickleball players will be competing for court time.

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(Although pickleball is perhaps more entertaining to watch as a doubles game because of the rapid rallies, the Pickleball Slam will consist of singles matches.)

Roddick said

In an interview, Roddick said, “Subway is as excited as I am about the Pickleball Slam, but also how much fun it is to learn the game and be a part of Pickleball culture.”

In the following sentence, he references “the kitchen,” a no-volley area on a pickleball court, indicating his newfound understanding.

The all-new Pickleball Club, he added,

“The all-new Pickleball Club has the ideal blend of Subway signature crave and delicious ingredients to keep things fresh, whether you’re a regular in the kitchen or have never even seen a pickleball court,” he said.

Subway’s Pickleball Club will include two new ingredients: Honey Mustard and, not surprisingly, thicker, crunchier dill pickles, the company said.

Two new additions to Subway’s Pickleball Club are honey mustard and, predictably, thicker, crunchier dill pickles, the business announced.

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Pickleball is a very social sport that is becoming more and more popular; according to some estimates, over 8 million Americans play it. Subway is not the first food brand to capitalize on this trend.

Pickleball Club sandwich by Subway

The Rise of Pickleball

According to reports, Margaritaville sponsored the USA Pickleball National Championships the previous year. Jimmy Buffet is a known enthusiast of the sport.

Many pickleball-themed entertainment places are popping up around the nation, such as Chicken N Pickle, Smash Park, and Camp Pickle. Shake Shack also offers a pickleball club in New York (not the sandwich variety).

Punch Bowl Social founder Robert Thompson introduced Camp Pickle. This week, the concept announced chef Manny Barella’s hiring to oversee its culinary program and sister business Jaguar Bolera, an entertainment brand featuring games like duckpins. Barella, previously at Denver’s Bellota, received a 2022 James Beard Award nomination as an emerging chef.

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