Pickleball Coach Says Matthew Perry Was “Doing Really Well” Before Passing Away

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By Jacob Jackson

Beloved “Friends” Actor Matthew Perry was “Thriving” Before Shocking Death at 53, Says Pickleball Coach

Matthew Perry, acclaimed actor and beloved star of the iconic sitcom “Friends”, died unexpectedly on November 30th 2022 at just 53 years old. His shocking death came as a devastating surprise that deeply saddened loyal fans across generations. By all accounts from friends and insiders, Perry had been thriving in his years-long battle against substance abuse and working hard to prioritize his sobriety and overall health.

Matthew Perry Playing pickleball

One such friend that had witnessed Perry’s drive to better himself was Diane Moca, the actor’s private pickleball coach that he worked with regularly from 2021 up until his untimely death. In an exclusive interview with People Magazine, Moca recounted her professional relationship and personal friendship formed with Perry on the pickleball courts in Los Angeles.

Matthew Perry Making Major Strides in Pickleball Skill, Fitness and Sobriety Journey

According to Diane Moca, Matthew Perry had specifically asked her to train him in pickleball so he could improve at the popular paddle sport. “He wanted me to push him to get better,” shared Moca. She tailored drills and lessons to build Perry’s skills over time. Moca was impressed with his dedication to consistently showing up for practice and eagerness to learn.

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“He was doing really well. He looked great and was very into it. I could see the improvement every time we played,” she revealed. Beyond just better maneuvering the pickleball paddles, Moca also closely monitored Perry’s stamina and fitness levels critical for any athlete. The actor made sure to verbalize his appreciation for pickleball and enjoyment of their time practicing together. “He would always say it was his favorite thing to do,” recalled Moca.

In addition to clearly thriving in his newfound hobby on the courts, Perry also appeared to be successfully maintaining his sobriety from former alcohol and opioid addiction. After decades struggling with substance abuse and even a dangerous hospitalization for gastrointestinal perforations in 2018, Perry had committed to major lifestyle changes.

Prioritizing His Health: Sobriety, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy and More

According to inside sources, Matthew Perry’s determined health regimen included spending $1,500 an hour on outpatient hyperbaric oxygen therapy to help repair organ damage from years of drug and alcohol misuse. He also stuck to a nutrition plan focused on healthy whole foods, exercised regularly, attended AA meetings, and worked closely with a sober sponsor.

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“He was very involved in his AA meetings and sponsorships,” confirmed friend and pickleball coach Diane Moca. “It seemed like he was really trying to focus on his health.”

So when the shocking news broke in late November 2022 that the beloved “Friends” actor had died in his LA home from an apparent heart attack, fans and friends alike struggled to reconcile this with the Perry they knew to be thriving in sobriety and wellness.

Mystery Around Matthew Perry’s Cause of Death Continues

According to initial reports, emergency responders arrived at Matthew Perry’s apartment on the morning of November 30th to find him unresponsive. Paramedics’ efforts to resuscitate Perry were unsuccessful and he was declared dead on the scene at approximately 9:30am.

Matthew Perry’s
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The LA County Medical Examiner performed an autopsy but has yet to officially determine Perry’s cause of death. No evidence of drugs or alcohol were reportedly found at the actor’s home.

However in subsequent weeks, more concerning details have come out about Perry’s deteriorating health behind closed doors. Despite being only 53 years old, Perry was allegedly living under hospice care and mostly confined to bed at the end-stages of various chronic illnesses.

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“He was frail and confined to his bed. His body had worn down from all the abuse. He didn’t have any strength left and his heart gave out,” a close insider described of Matthew Perry’s shockingly rapid decline.

Legacy of Laughter, Talent & Transparency About Addiction

While Perry’s premature death is devastating, his legacy lives on through 10 beloved seasons of “Friends” that will continue entertaining millions in syndication worldwide. His comic talent and timing brought the lovably sarcastic, commitment-phobic Chandler Bing to life – a character that became a cultural phenomenon.

Perry was also remarkably transparent about his battles with addiction, helping to reduce stigma around a historically taboo topic. It’s hoped his tragic story brings more funding and advocacy for addiction research, treatment and long-term support.

“I want to remember the sweet, funny guy who wanted to get better at pickleball so we would play more,” summarized Diane Moca about her poignant last memories with Matthew Perry. “I’m really going to miss him.”

Millions more of Perry’s loyal fans, friends and former co-stars surely feel the same heartache and nostalgia. May his memory live on as an inspiration and a cautionary tale.

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