Pickleball Costumes: Fun and Easy Ideas for the Whole Family

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By Jacob Jackson

Halloween is the perfect time to get creative, have fun with costumes, and show off your pickleball love. There are so many creative ways for you and your family to dress up with a pickleball theme that will be both fun to make and fun to show off. Keep reading for some fun and easy costume ideas to try this Halloween!

Pickleball Costume Ideas for Adults

Paddle and Ball

One of the most iconic pickleball costumes is simply dressing up as a paddle and ball. You can make your own paddle easily using cardboard, foam board, or fabric. Cut it into the iconic pickleball paddle shape complete with a handle. Then add some color, your name, or fun pickleball graphics. For the ball, use craft foam or fabric to form a ball shape you can wear. Pair the two together, or with coordinating accessories like shoes, shirts, hats or wigs for a simple but instantly recognizable pickleball costume.

Pickleball Halloween Costumes

Pickleball Player

Go all out by dressing up as your favorite pro pickleball player or just your average rec league player. Wear typical athletic gear like a polo shirt, shorts, court shoes, a visor or headband, along with items customized with pickleball graphics. Add your player name to the back of the shirt, pickleball logos and sponsor names for authenticity. You can even make your own medal to wear as if you just won the doubles tournament. Carry a paddle and ball as props to complete the costume.

Pickleball Court

Transform yourself into a life-size pickleball court by wearing a blue, green or gray outfit then adding white fabric or tape strips to create the court boundary lines and kitchen area. Draw or attach a portable net to your clothes and top it with a real ball or stuffed toy. You’ll become the hit costume of the party as both a court and player in one creative get-up.


As the officiator of the party, dress as a pickleball referee complete with classic black and white striped outfit. Add key referee accessories like a whistle, stopwatch for shot clocks, flags to signal faults like “kitchen violations,” and of course that all important rule book listing pickleball regulations. Carry a paddle in your other hand and you’ll have the ideal pickleball referee Halloween costume.

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Pickleball Costume Ideas for Kids

Giant Pickle

Let your little one take the spotlight by dressing up as “The Big Pickle” mascot. Simply wear a plush green costume or DIY your own pickle shape using green clothing layered with bumpy foam rolls attached. Top it with a fabric pickle stem hat or headband with leaves. Add a pickleball sign, tee shirt or paddle as fun accessories. This cute costume works great for fans of the funny VeggieTales cartoon pickles too.


For something furrier and fluffier, transform your child into a playful pickleball mascot. Use a soft costume shape like an oval, circle or test tube that fits over their body. Then add pickleball details like eyes, mouth, padding for contours and their favorite color fur or fabric covering. Attach a paddle, ball or jersey for added flair. This family-friendly costume is sure to rally up some smiles.

Super Pickleball Hero

Let your aspiring superhero take to the pickleball court this Halloween! Design a colorful, caped costume featuring their favorite symbolic letter or logo. Add fun accessories like a signature eye mask, gloves, ball ammo belt or paddle weapon slung across their back. With heightened reflexes and ball spinning powers, your tiny champion will take down those Halloween ping pong shot monsters in no time!

Pickleball Monster

For a less sweet style, turn your tot into a silly Sports Monster. Start with a scary costume base like horns, claws, spikes or wild fur. Then add fun pickleball props like an oversized dramatic paddle arm, ball textured outfit or intimidating court eyes. Roam the neighborhood collecting stray pickleballs instead of candy while keeping fellow trick-or-treaters on their toes with silly monster antics and pickle puns.

Pickleball Costumes

Pickleball Costume Ideas for Pets

Four-legged friends can join in the Halloween pickleball fun too. Here are some cute ideas to turn your pet into an adorable pickleball sidekick this October.

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Wrap your tiny pet in yellow fabric or stuff a small blanket into a ball shape secured lightly around their body. Add contrasting green fabric, felt or foam pickle details like bumpy skin, eyes, nose and pickle stem topper. Safety pin or carefully secure a mini paddle or ball as added accessories. Just watch they don’t try to run off and actually play with it!

Tiny Player

Channel your pup’s inner athleticism by outfitting them as a pint-sized pickleball player. Choose a coordinating pet shirt, vest, kerchief or collar cover featuring pickleball graphics. Decorate with iron-on player numbers, event patches or faux sponsor logos. Attach a soft plush ball and mini paddle to their collar as fun props. They’ll be ready to take the court with tail wags and flips.


Assert your pet’s authority by making them the referee. A classic black and white striped sweater or shirt transforms your furkid instantly. Add mini accessories like a necktie whistle, headband earmuffs and stuffed rule book attached to their collar. With prim posture and clipboard in paw, your furry official will have every trick or treater following court regulations.

Pickleball Costume Ideas

Super Fan

Let your spirited four-legged friend show their pickleball team pride by dressing them as an adorable super fan. Choose their team colors in accessories like a knit hat, scarf, bowtie or decorative harness wrap. Attach fuzzy pom poms, a #1 foam finger or pennant banner with team logos. Add a branded pet jersey, tee shirt or pickleball squeaky toy and they’ll be ready to cheer from the sidelines even without a ticket.

FAQs About Pickleball Halloween Costumes

What if I can’t sew or construct elaborate costumes at home?

You can absolutely create awesome pickleball costumes without needing to sew anything. Use items you already have at home combined with affordable embellishments like fabric paint, iron-on vinyl shapes or printed signage. There are also no-sew methods like fabric glue, safety pins, tie straps or overlay appliques. Focus on fun shapes, recognizable symbols and sporty accessories to get the look without complex sewing.

What are some quick pickleball costume ideas to make the day of?

For last-minute looks, simply wear any athletic clothing in a pickleball or Halloween theme color palette with a paddle and ball as your instant accessory. Face paint small pickleball graphics onto your cheeks or bare arms. Carry extra balls in a basket, bucket or recycled container labeled “Pickleballs.” Print out a temporary iron-on tee with a fun pickleball pun. There are lots of ways to pull together a cute last-minute costume with minimal effort!


Halloween and pickleball make for such a fun costume combination perfect for sporty families. With these creative DIY ideas for adults, kids and pets, you’re sure to have the best-dressed pickleball crew in the neighborhood this Halloween! Once your costumes are complete, be sure to take lots of pictures at your Halloween party or while trick or treating. Share them online using #pickleballhalloween so others can see your amazing pickleball costumes too.

However you choose to sport your pickleball love this Halloween alongside your family, have a safe and happy holiday! Want more pickleball fun all year round? Be sure to check my blog and social channels often where I share pickleball news, product reviews, game play tips and more. Now let’s get crafting those costumes!

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