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Pickleball – How to Play Like a Pro!

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By Jacob Jackson

Are you ready to step onto the court and take your pickleball game to the next level? Whether you’re just starting out or have been playing for years, understanding the rules of pickleball doubles is crucial for success. In this blog post, we’ll break down the specific rules and regulations that govern doubles play and provide you with some helpful tips to elevate your game. So, grab your paddles and let’s dive in!


7 Pickleball Doubles Rules to Play Smart

Before we get started, it’s important to note that the rules for doubles play differ slightly from singles play. So, let’s get right into it and explore the seven important rules you need to know:

  1. Non-Volleying Zone (NVZ): The NVZ extends 7 feet from either side of the net, and you cannot volley any shots within this area. The ball must bounce first before you can legally volley it from anywhere else on the court. Remember, you and your partner can choose to eliminate or reduce this rule before starting play.
  2. Volleying Zone: You can volley shots within 7 feet from either side of the net, as long as they don’t land inside your opponent’s NVZ line first. This area, known as the volleying zone, requires you to be aware of your opponent’s shots.
  3. Double Hits: If both you and your partner hit the ball simultaneously with your paddles, it counts as a double hit and results in an automatic fault/point for your opponents. Be careful not to accidentally hit the ball twice with one paddle!
  4. Scoring: Players typically play doubles games up to 11 points (or 15 if agreed upon beforehand). Switch sides after each game and every 5-point increment during extended games. Remember, you must score two more points than your opponents to win a game.
  5. Carry Rule: You must deliver serves and shots from across the non-volley line without any spin or slicing motion. Failing to do so results in an automatic fault/point for your opponents. No carrying or cupping allowed!
  6. Serving Must Be Underhand: Players must execute all serves underhand unless both teams agree otherwise. Typically, players execute serves from either side of the court, but they can also be done diagonally across.”
  7. Only Serving Team Switches Sides: After scoring each point, the serving team must switch sides, while volleys remain on the same side of the court.This ensures fair play and keeps the game flowing smoothly.
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What Is the Serving Zone for Doubles?

The Serving Zone is crucial in doubles play as it determines where the server aims their serve. Each player is responsible for their own zone and a portion of their partner’s zone. This ensures that both players have an active role in defending against opponents’ serves and returning shots.

The serving zone extends from 3 feet behind each service line, runs parallel with it, and ends 6 feet past each sideline. Make sure your serves land within your opponents’ serving zone to gain an advantage in the game!

Tips to Successfully Play Double Pickleball

Now that you know the rules, it’s time to take your game to the next level with these helpful tips:

  • Utilize the Court: Take advantage of the entire court to create more angles and options when playing with your partner.
  • Communication: Good communication is key in doubles play. Talk with your partner to coordinate your movements and set up better shots.
  • Hit Smart Shots: Focus on hitting shots that are difficult for your opponents to return, such as aiming for gaps between players or using strategic placement.
  • Serve Strategically: Plan your serves strategically to ensure you and your partner are ready for any return from your opponents.
  • Stay Focused: It’s important to stay focused throughout each point, as there are many factors to consider in doubles play. Keep your concentration and react quickly to any situation on the court.
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With practice and dedication, you’ll be dominating the pickleball doubles court in no time!


Still have some burning questions about pickleball doubles? Check out these frequently asked questions.

What are the benefits of Playing Pickleball Doubles?

Playing pickleball doubles allows you to improve your skills, practice different shots, and enjoy a social game with friends and family.

Who Serves First in Pickleball Doubles?

The team that serves first in the first game is determined by a coin toss or other mutually agreed upon method. After each game, the receiving team from the previous game becomes the serving team.

What is the Court Size for Pickleball Doubles?

The court size for pickleball doubles is 20 ft. x 44 ft., with a 7-foot-wide non-volley zone in the front of the court.

What is a Let-Serve in Doubles?

A let-serve is a serve that touches the top of the net before falling into the opposite court. It is considered a legal serve and does not count against either player.

Well, It’s a Wrap!

Pickleball doubles is a thrilling and engaging game that brings people together. With these rules and tips in your arsenal, you’re ready to dominate the court. Remember, serve diagonally, keep the ball low over the net, and communicate with your partner. Practice, have fun, and soon enough, you’ll be a pickleball doubles champion!

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