10 Pickleball Strategies for Beginners—All You Need to Know!

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By Jacob Jackson

Are you ready to up your pickleball game? Whether you play for fun or have a real passion for the sport, we’ve got you covered. Here are 10 pickleball strategies that will help you improve and dominate on the court.

Key Takeaways:

  • The third shot is crucial in pickleball, so master it.
  • Avoid common mistakes like poor shots and not taking centerline shots.
  • Communicate with your teammates using callouts to prevent confusion.

Get ready to enhance your skills, increase your knowledge, and start winning every match with an impressive score!


1. Approach the Non-volley Line

If you want to win, take control of the net and force your opponent to play from the baseline. By staying at the non-volley line, you’ll have more opportunities to hit powerful shots and dominate the game.

2. Try Hitting Drop Shots

Deploy drop shots strategically to catch your opponent off guard. Use this shot when you’re in a defensive position, not while serving. It will help you create a gap between the non-volley zone and decrease the chances of losing points.

3. Hit Deep When Serving

Surprise your opponent with deep shots during your serve. Aim for long and high shots, forcing them to move forward and defend. This will give you time to reposition and can easily throw them off balance.

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4. Aim for Your Opponent’s Feet

Give your opponent a hard time by aiming shots at their feet. This forces them to play difficult low shots. By keeping them closer to the baseline, you increase the chances of gaining points and pressuring your opponent.

5. Keep Close to Your Teammate

If you’re playing doubles, coordination with your teammate is vital. Always move together and cover each other’s shots. Creating a gap gives your opponent an advantage and increases the chances of losing points.

6. Focus on Your Opponent’s Weakness

Study your opponent’s game and exploit their weaknesses. If they struggle with backhand shots, target those areas and force them into making mistakes. By doing so, you’ll gain more points and control the game.

7. Return Serve Deep

Keep your opponent at the service line by playing defensive shots and returning serves deep. This will make it difficult for them to secure points and may even lead to them losing the ball in their own court.

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8. Stay Patient

Patience is the secret to victory. Stay calm and focused throughout the game. Losing your temper can negatively affect your performance. By remaining patient, you’ll make better decisions and secure more points.


9. Be in Alert Position with Your Pickleball Paddle

Always be prepared with your paddle in the “Pickleball Ready” position. This means keeping your knees slightly bent, paddle facing forward, and head up. By staying alert, you’ll save time and be ready to hit the shot.

10. Communicate with Your Teammate

Communication is key in pickleball. Discuss and establish a game plan with your teammate before starting. Use quick callouts like “Mine,” “Yours,” “Slow,” or other short words to avoid confusion and save time during play.

Remember, understanding and implementing these strategies will take your pickleball game to the next level. So get out there, have fun, and become the expert you’ve always wanted to be!


What is the Most Important Skill in Pickleball?

Dinking, a technique to execute a powerful overhead shot, is the most important skill in pickleball. Mastering this skill can disrupt your opponent’s position and increase your chances of winning points.

What Should You Not Do in Pickleball?

Common mistakes to avoid in pickleball include moving up after serving, hitting poor shots, neglecting centerline shots, and smashing the ball unnecessarily.

What is the Most Important Shot in Pickleball?

The third shot is the most important shot in pickleball. It requires precision to execute correctly and enhances your overall pickleball strategies and gameplay.

Is Pickleball Easier Than Tennis?

Pickleball is considered less intense than tennis. With less movement and a slower pace, it poses fewer risks of injury. This makes it an enjoyable and accessible sport for players of all levels.


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