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Scottie Scheffler: From the Golf Course to the Pickleball Court

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By Jacob Jackson

Scottie Scheffler took the golf world by storm in 2022, rising to World No. 1 with an incredible run of wins that included the WM Phoenix Open, Arnold Palmer Invitational, WGC-Dell Technologies Match Play, and the Masters Tournament. However, recently Scheffler announced he is stepping away from professional golf to pursue a career as a professional pickleball player. This unexpected career change has left many in the golf community shocked and eager to learn more about what precipitated Scheffler’s change of course from the golf greens to the pickleball courts.

Scheffler’s Background

Scottie Scheffler, born June 21, 1996, first made a name for himself as a standout junior and college golfer. He led the University of Texas to an NCAA Championship in 2012 and earned All-American honors during his collegiate career. Scheffler joined the PGA Tour in 2018 and quickly established himself as a rising star, winning Rookie of the Year in 2019. Over the next few years, he scored several wins and top-10 finishes while steadily climbing the world rankings. His breakthrough moment came in early 2022 when he reeled off three wins in five starts, cementing his position as the world’s best golfer.

Scottie Scheffler

The Switch to Pickleball

In the midst of the best golf season of his career, the 26-year-old Scheffler made the shocking decision to walk away from professional golf to pursue a career in the rapidly growing sport of pickleball. Citing his lifelong passion for paddle sports and the more team-oriented nature of pickleball, Scheffler announced he would spend the next year training intensively with plans to enter several major pickleball tournaments in 2024.

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While stunned by his departure, the golf world understands Scheffler’s desire to exit the spotlight and take on a new challenge in a sport seeing massive growth. His competitiveness, athleticism, and precise ball-striking seem likely to translate well to excelling on the pickleball courts.

Earning Potential & Achievements

As the world’s #1 golfer, Scheffler earned $14 million dollars in 2022 alone. While the financial opportunities in pickleball pale in comparison, top players can make over $100,000 in endorsements and sponsorships. As the sport continues to soar in popularity, the potential exists for Scheffler to become pickleball’s first truly crossover superstar.

On the golf course, Scheffler’s achievements include winning the Masters at Augusta and ascending to #1 in the world at just 25 years old. If Scheffler can transfer even a fraction of his golf prowess, he has a chance to dominate the professional pickleball scene. With 4 major tournaments and a fledgling league system, Scheffler has an opportunity to become pickleball’s first breakout star.

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Personal Life

Off the course, Scottie lives a quiet life with his wife Meredith Scudder, whom he met at the University of Texas. While he has stepped back from the relentless pace of professional golf, Scheffler remains an intense competitor who hates to lose.

Scottie Scheffler Personal Life
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As he transitions to pickleball, the fiercely determined Scheffler is focused squarely on winning and achieving the same level of greatness he enjoyed on the golf course. But he is also embracing the chance to push his limits in a new sport and appreciates the more lighthearted camaraderie that the pickleball community embodies.


What prompted Scheffler to switch to pickleball?

Scheffler cited his lifelong passion for racquet sports and pickleball’s team format as his main motivations. He also wanted to step back from golf’s intense spotlight.

How much money can he make playing pickleball ?

As a breakout star, endorsements and sponsorships could earn Scheffler over $100,000. If the sport continues growing, even greater earnings would be possible.


Scottie Scheffler sent shockwaves through the golf world when he announced his departure for pickleball. But his ultra-competitive drive and precise ball-striking seem tailor-made to conquer his new sport of choice. As Scheffler focuses his efforts on mastering the pickleball courts, fans of both golf and pickleball will be eager to see if he can replicate the phenomenal success he enjoyed on the golf course. And while he may be leaving behind the glory and riches of professional golf for now, do not b

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