The Top 10 Strategies to Beat a Pickleball Banger

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By Jacob Jackson

Are you tired of feeling helpless against your pickleball opponent’s high-speed shots? Do you want to take control of the game and come out on top? Well, fear not! We’ve got you covered with the top 10 strategies to defeat even the most ferocious pickleball bangers.

What Is a Pickleball Banger?

A pickleball banger is a shot that involves hitting the ball with all your might for an aggressive return. It’s a technique used by experienced players to put pressure on their opponents and force mistakes or score points quickly.


10 Strategies to Beat a Pickleball Banger

Pickleball bangers can be challenging opponents, but with the right strategies, you can outsmart and outmaneuver them. Here are ten strategies to help you come out victorious:

1. Take Advantage of the Chaos

Stay calm, anticipate your opponent’s shots, and use spin shots and angles to create openings. Slow down the game with drop shots or angled dinks.

2. Play Your Game, Not Theirs

Focus on your own strategy, use accurate shots, and stay mentally composed. Position yourself close to the net and vary your serves. Remember to have fun!

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3. Hit a Deep Return of Serve

Control the power and placement of your shots to force your opponent to hustle. Good footwork and spin shots can make returning difficult for them.

4. Aim Opponent’s Weakside

Target your opponent’s weaker side to put them in uncomfortable positions and increase their chances of making mistakes.

5. Let the Balls Go Out

Control the court by placing shots outside your opponent’s reach. Focus on deep shots and lobs to keep them on their toes.

6. Work on Block Shot

Anticipate your opponent’s shots, keep the ball low, and use defensive footwork to position yourself for effective blocks.

7. Defend With Softness

Use spin and lobs to control the pace of the game. Keep your shots low and change direction to keep your opponent guessing.

8. Keep Your Shots Low

Force your opponent to hit up by keeping your shots low. Focus on placement and patience rather than trading blows with power hitters.

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9. Bait Opponent With High-Arcing Shots

Use high-arcing shots to give yourself more time and put pressure on your opponent’s technique. Encourage shorter shots that are easier to return.


10. Mix and Match Your Play

Use a variety of shots and playing styles to keep your opponent guessing. Mix it up to disrupt their rhythm and improve your chances of winning.

By following these strategies, you’ll be well-equipped to take down any pickleball banger that comes your way. Dominate the court and have fun!

How Big Is the Backswing of the Banger?

The size of a player’s backswing depends on their skill level and experience. Beginners should keep their backswings short for accuracy, while more experienced players can use larger swings for more power.


Should you avoid the power game altogether against a banger?

Not necessarily. Matching power with power can be effective strategically in moderation. But constantly trading hard shots typically favors the banger. Varying pace, spin, and placement is key to offsetting raw power.

What is one of the best strategies against a banger from a defensive perspective?

Moving a banger side to side to prevent them from getting into an aggressive hitting rhythm is crucial. Making them reach and move laterally saps power. Taking away their ability to line up those inside-out forehand drives reduces their weapon effectiveness.


Now that you have the top 10 strategies to beat a pickleball banger, it’s time to practice and elevate your game. Focus on improving your skills and staying calm on the court. With dedication and practice, you can overcome any opponent in this fun and competitive sport. Good luck!

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