Who is Tara Bernstein? Exploring the life and career of Guy Fieri’s son, Hunter’s fiancée

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Tara Bernstein is the fiancée of Hunter Fieri, who is the son of famous Food Network star Guy Fieri. Hunter and Tara got engaged in 2021 after several years of dating. While Guy Fieri is a household name among foodies and fans of shows like Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives, less is known about his future daughter-in-law Tara. As she prepares to join the Fieri family, let’s take a closer look at Tara Bernstein’s background, her athletic career in pickleball, and her relationship with Hunter.

Personal Information – Tara Bernstein

Tara Bernstein grew up in Northern California and has lived in the Santa Rosa area for much of her life. She graduated from Cardinal Newman High School, where she was on the volleyball team. Tara stayed local for college, attending Santa Rosa Junior College and Sonoma State University. She graduated with a degree in Kinesiology, the study of body movement.

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Outside of her education and early volleyball career, not much is publicly known about Tara’s family and early life. Her social media posts indicate a close relationship with her mother. It’s clear she shares Guy Fieri’s love of food and cooking, occasionally sharing recipes and kitchen creations with her followers.

Tara Bernstein Pickleball Career

While Tara played volleyball in high school and college, her main sport is now pickleball. For those unfamiliar, pickleball is a fast-growing racket sport that combines elements of tennis, badminton, and ping-pong. Tara excels at pickleball, having won several tournaments on the professional women’s circuit.

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She’s currently ranked in the top 15 globally in women’s singles and continues to be a threat at every competition. Fans nicknamed her “Tara the Terror” for her aggressive and strategic play style. Hunter often posts about attending Tara’s tournaments and cheerleading from the sidelines.

In addition to competing, Tara teaches pickleball lessons and clinics. She aims to grow the sport and regularly partners with brands like Head and Engage Pickleball. As pickleball gains more media coverage heading towards the 2028 Olympics, Tara’s profile in the sport continues rising as well.

Achievements and Accolades

So far in her professional career, Tara has won two gold medals and a silver medal in pickleball competitions. Her biggest wins came at the 2021 APP Houston Open and the 2022 APP Florida Open. She defeated several top 10 ranked opponents in those championship runs.

Tara has been ranked as high as 13th globally in women’s singles. She achieved her best-mixed doubles ranking of 16th in November 2022 after strong performances with partner Riley Newman. Tara also won a bronze medal with Newman at the 2022 APP Nationals.

Off the court, Tara uses her platform to promote health and wellness for athletes. She partnered with Hydrant to share the importance of hydration and electrolytes for performance. As her profile grows, fans can expect more partnerships and initiatives that align with Tara’s passion for athletics.

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Relationship with Hunter Fieri

Hunter Fieri, Guy’s son, manages his father’s restaurant in Carnitas Tequila Cantina. Hunter graduated from UNLV with a degree in Hospitality and has worked in the restaurant industry for years. While the details on Hunter and Tara’s relationship timeline are unclear, they had dated for over 2 years by the time of their engagement.

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The couple lives together in Sonoma County with their golden retriever, General. They enjoy cooking, wine tasting, and spending time outdoors as a family with General. Of course, Hunter also accompanies Tara to as many tournaments as he can to show his support.

After years of dating, Hunter proposed to Tara in April 2021. The picturesque proposal took place on a beach at sunset, featuring flowers, candles, and a glowing sign asking “Forever?” The two announced their engagement simultaneously on Instagram, much to the delight of Guy Fieri who welcomed Tara to the family. Nearly two years later, wedding plans are likely underway for the happy couple!

Frequently Asked Questions

What tournaments has Tara Bernstein won?

Her two biggest wins have been gold medals at the 2021 APP Houston Open and the 2022 APP Florida Open. She also won a bronze medal at the 2022 APP Nationals in mixed doubles with Riley Newman.

Will Tara Bernstein be in the Olympics?

While pickleball has a chance to become an Olympic sport for the 2028 Summer Games in Los Angeles, it has not yet been added to the program. If it is included, Tara has a strong chance of qualifying to compete for the USA women’s team given her top 15 world ranking.


Guy Fieri’s son Hunter has great taste – he’s engaged to one impressive woman! Tara Bernstein is an accomplished pickleball player turned pro who has already won several high-level tournaments. She uses her platform to promote health and wellness while continuing to improve her world ranking. Although Tara enjoys a private personal life, her posts with Hunter show a happy and loving couple ready to take the next step. As Guy Fieri welcomes her to the family, fans can expect to see more of Tara chasing her pickleball dreams and building her career in the years ahead!

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