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From Tennis Legend to Pickleball Pioneer!

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By Jacob Jackson

Looking to spice up your game and try something new? Look no further than the legendary Bobby Riggs and his pickleball empire! Bobby Riggs, a former tennis champion with six Grand Slam titles under his belt, was not only a master of the court but also a passionate advocate for pickleball. In fact, he played a vital role in popularizing this exciting sport back in the 70s and 80s.


Nowadays, pickleball enthusiasts flock to the renowned Bobby Riggs Racket & Paddle facility in San Diego, California. This place is an absolute dream for pickleball players, boasting a whopping 16 outdoor courts and offering everything you need to immerse yourself in the game. From a pro shop to a lounge, locker rooms, and even showers, they’ve got you covered. But it doesn’t stop there! Bobby Riggs Racket & Paddle also provides pickleball instruction, clinics, tournaments, and events to keep players engaged and entertained.

What makes this facility even more special is its fascinating history. Over the years, it has played host to tennis legends like Billie Jean King, Rod Laver, Arthur Ashe, and Jimmy Connors. Bobby Riggs himself owned and managed the facility, using it as a platform to introduce countless tennis players and celebrities to the wonders of pickleball. In fact, he even organized the very first Battle of the Sexes pickleball match in 1976.

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Fast forward to 2015 when the facility underwent a transformation, shifting its focus solely to pickleball. With this change, it became one of the first and largest dedicated pickleball facilities in the country. Today, it’s the home of some of the best pickleball professionals in the world, including Steve and Jennifer Dawson, Callan Dawson, and Dj Young. Talk about a playground for pickleball enthusiasts!

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Playing pickleball at Bobby Riggs Racket & Paddle offers an array of benefits beyond just having a blast. It’s a great way to boost your health and fitness levels, helping you burn calories while strengthening your muscles and improving your balance, coordination, agility, and reflexes. Plus, you’ll have the chance to learn from top-notch coaches who can enhance your technique, strategy, and mental game.

But that’s not all – at Bobby Riggs, you’ll have ample opportunities to satisfy your competitive spirit by participating in tournaments and events that push you to unleash your full potential. And the best part? You’ll meet tons of like-minded individuals along the way, forging new friendships and connections with people who share your passion for pickleball.

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In addition to all these incredible experiences within the facility, you’ll also get to surround yourself with mesmerizing ocean views while having the time of your life. Bobby Riggs Racket & Paddle truly brings together all the elements necessary for an unforgettable pickleball adventure.

Did you know that Bobby Riggs is the go-to place for 100% of San Diego’s top pickleball players? It’s no surprise considering the facility’s commitment to excellence and its continuous efforts to promote pickleball as a sport for all ages and genders. In fact, pickleball’s popularity has skyrocketed, with a growth rate of 21.3% in 2020, making it one of the fastest-growing sports in America. With over 300 tournaments held each year in the USA, pickleball players of all levels have plenty of opportunities to showcase their skills and compete against fierce opponents.

Bobby Riggs Racket & Paddle is not just a pickleball facility – it’s a vital piece of pickleball history. A legacy left behind by a tennis legend turned pickleball pioneer, this place represents the pinnacle of pickleball. So, why wait? Don’t miss the chance to experience the ultimate pickleball destination in San Diego.

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Ready to get in on the action? Head over to Bobby Riggs Racket & Paddle’s website at or give them a call at (760) 473-2672 to reserve your spot on the court. Take it a step further and follow them on Facebook or Instagram to stay updated on their exciting programs and events.

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So, what are you waiting for? Come join the pickleball revolution at Bobby Riggs Racket & Paddle today! Your pickleball adventure awaits you – don’t let it slip away.

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