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The Pickleball Courts Outside Our apartment Are TOO noisy!

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By Jacob Jackson

The sound of pickleball paddles hitting balls began ringing in our ears even before we moved into our new apartment. “Don’t worry, you’ll get used to it,” our leasing agent assured us. We were skeptical but optimistic that the pickleball court noise from the outdoor pickleball courts wouldn’t be that bothersome. We were wrong.

Living in Constant Disruption

The consistent popping of pickleballs bombarding our unit has made our once-appealing apartment unlivable. The pickleball courts are right outside our living room window. When games are in session – which almost always happens from early morning until well past dinnertime – it feels like someone has set up an amp and speakers directed right at us.

Pickleball Courts Outside Our apartment
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We can’t even hear our TV over the constant “pop pop pop” of paddles smacking balls. Forget about peaceful mornings enjoying coffee on the balcony. Mealtimes are accompanied by a symphony of shouts and shrieks as players score points. The chatter and laughter echo into our bedroom, making afternoon naps or uninterrupted sleep nearly impossible. Even with sound machines, earplugs, and pickleball court noise-blocking curtains, there’s no escaping the pervasive presence of the courts.

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Health and Quality of Life Implications

And this isn’t just a mild nuisance. The unrelenting pickleball court noise from dawn to dusk has serious impacts, negatively affecting our mood, health, relationships, and quality of life. The discordant sounds trigger headaches and make it hard to think, read, or unwind. The activity outside our window causes stress that permeates every corner of our home. The environment we’re trapped in day and night has made us irritable and on edge, causing us to bicker over small things.

Building management has brushed aside our pleas. “The pickleball courts draw people to live here,” they said unsympathetically. “There have been noise complaints before but residents get used it.” Get used to this awful racket? That’s impossible! We looked into breaking our lease but can’t afford the penalties. Yet staying here with no relief from the constant barrage of sounds has become unbearable.

Deceptive Luxury Living

The advertised ‘luxury living’ apartment has betrayed and bamboozled us, making our lives miserable. The stress has affected my partner’s health and my ability to perform well at my job. For two years, we scrimped and saved towards this higher rent because the apartment on paper seemed ideal. However, we were deceived about the extent of disruption from activities literally on the other side of our wall. Now, we find ourselves trapped, living in what has become the noisiest, most disruptive nightmare imaginable.

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Our situation shows the dark side of America’s pickleball obsession and lack of noise ordinances governing growing numbers of public and residential pickleball courts. Property managers are eager to profit off the sport and mislead potential residents about noise levels and impacts. Yet excessive exposure to unwanted sounds isn’t merely annoying – it can threaten mental and physical well-being, even spurring serious health issues.

Pickleball Courts Outside Our apartment Are TOO noisy
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From our disrupted world we issue a warning to others considering moving near shared pickleball courts: Don’t believe claims that you’ll “get used to” the noise. Demand definitive guarantees about decibel levels and hours of court operation in writing – though even written promises offer no protection from pickleball’s unrelenting blows. Consider the sport’s soaring participation rates that show no signs of slowing. Take it from us who live the consequences daily: no one should endure this kind of perpetual punishment for simply existing inside their own home.

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Advocacy for Change

We hope our painful experience helps inform wiser decision-making for anyone lured by new residential buildings touting proximity to pickleball as an amenity. Without strong protections in place, that supposed perk can make peaceful living an impossibility. Perhaps our distressing situation can compel societal conversations about pickleball’s impacts and appropriate pickleball court noise regulations for the sport. But such changes offer no relief for us now sentenced to endless penalty boxes, vainly trying to survive the onslaught of grating sounds bombarding our mental and emotional well-being.

For our family, escaping this apartment and unrelenting auditory injustice cannot come soon enough. The horrible din outside our window proves that even trendy sports have victims. We urge everyone to think carefully before moving anywhere near pickleball courts – or risk having that popping plastic sphere forever haunt your home and shatter your quality of life.

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