Why Do You Pop the Ball Up in Pickleball?

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By Jacob Jackson

Playing pickleball is similar to playing tennis, badminton, or ping pong. However, if you’re thinking about why you’re popping up the ball during gameplay, it can be frustrating for both you and your teammates.

But why does this happen? In this blog post, we’ll explore nine reasons you might be popping up the ball in pickleball and give you some tips on avoiding it. So grab your paddle, and let’s dive into the world of pickleball!


9 Reasons Why You’re Popping Up the Ball

Is your pop-up pickleball costing you pickleball points? If this is the case, here are nine common reasons pickleballs pop up:

  1. Grip Strength – Grip strength is essential when playing pickleball. If your grip strength is too strong, you can pop up the ball in a pickleball game. It happens because your arm muscles are too tense. To avoid this issue, ensure the right grip strength for your racket size and use relaxation techniques while playing. Additionally, use wrist movements during shots to reduce tension in your arms and warm up properly before each game.
  2. Big Backswings – When you take too much of a backswing, it restricts your wrist movement and inhibits shot accuracy. To avoid this issue, practice keeping your swing compact with just enough energy to control the ball during play. Work on swinging with more elbow flexion and ensure that all body parts are adequately coordinated for an effective stroke without causing issues.
  3. Contact Point Too Close or Too Far – When the contact point is too close or too far from the ball, it can result in a pop-up shot. To avoid this, maintain your center of gravity, use good footwork, and practice good hand-eye coordination to adjust to different scenarios quickly.
  4. Moving While Hitting the Ball – Moving your feet and your body while hitting the ball from different angles is essential. Being active and on your toes during play helps prevent popping-up balls and increases agility and footwork.
  5. Flicking Wrist – When you flick your wrist too early, it can cause the ball to fly off into the air. To avoid this, focus on keeping a steady swing with no additional movement and make sure that both arms remain straight throughout the stroke.
  6. Not Being Ready – Being prepared for a game of Pickleball is essential if you want to avoid popping up the ball. Warm up, stretch, practice your stroke mechanics, and ensure that you have all the necessary equipment beforehand. Additionally, get enough rest, stay hydrated, and maintain positive thoughts about yourself and your abilities on the court.
  7. Spin Overpowers You – To combat spin, players must understand how it works and practice controlling their shots with a particular amount of topspin or backspin. Additionally, players must be comfortable with attacking under pressure instead of popping up the ball.
  8. Dinking Over the Pickleball Net’s Highest Part – Hitting shots over the net’s highest part allows you to control the game and not give up points easily. It requires good aim, accuracy, and excellent timing.
  9. Attacking Under Pressure – Attacking under pressure can result in an inaccurate hit that goes too high and results in a pop-up. To avoid this, focus on fundamentals like proper footwork and body positioning, practice playing with pressure, and develop mental toughness.
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How to serve the ball low in pickleball?

To serve the ball low in pickleball, hold the paddle at waist level and hit the ball just below waist height with a downward motion. Aim to contact the ball before it passes over the non-volley line. The lower you hit it, the more difficult it will be for your opponent to return.

How to improve your aim in pickleball?

To improve your aim in pickleball, practice focusing on the ball and where you want to hit it. Develop a consistent swing and perfect your follow-through. Use visualization techniques to picture the ball’s trajectory when you hit it. Lastly, get feedback from an experienced player or coach and adjust based on their advice.

How to Stop Popping the Ball Up in Pickleball?

To stop popping the ball up in pickleball, maintain a low center of gravity, keep your feet in constant motion, use a light grip on the paddle, take short, compact swings, focus on keeping the ball low, and concentrate on using wrist control to keep the ball flat.


In conclusion, popping up the ball in pickleball can be detrimental to your game, but by following these tips and techniques, you can improve your accuracy and control, keeping those balls low where they need to be! So get out there, grab your paddle, and have fun playing pickleball!

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