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River City Classic Pickleball Tournament

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By Jacob Jackson

The River City Pickleball Club has been actively cultivating the pickleball community in Owensboro and is preparing to organize a new tournament scheduled for March. Baird Private Wealth Management sponsors the River City Classic Pickleball Tournament, scheduled to occur at Merchant Centre Court from March 8 to 10. The tournament will include divisions catering to various skill levels and age groups, with an anticipated participation of 400 athletes from six different states.

River City Classic Pickleball Tournament

The event organizer, Guy Durham, stated that the tournament aims to unite individuals ranging from newcomers to enthusiastic tournament participants, ensuring a three-day weekend filled with enjoyment and camaraderie.

“Please join us in making lots of new friends and scratching that competitive itch,” he said.

A statement regarding the event detailed the breakdown of the competition as follows:

Friday: Senior 50+ Day

  • Focus on gender doubles.
  • Friday evening open play for all participants.
  • Enjoy a delectable dinner on Friday night, which is provided for all players.
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Saturday: Gender Doubles

  • Intense competition in gender-specific doubles matches.

Sunday: Mixed Doubles

  • When mixed doubles matches take place on the last day, the enthusiasm gets going.

5.0+ Open Division Payouts:

The 5.0+ Open Division boasts attractive payouts: Gold – $1,000, Silver – $500, and Bronze – $300. All participants are invited to register for this thrilling event, where they can make new friends, scratch that competitive itch, and savor a delectable dinner provided on Friday night.

  1. Gold: $1,000
  2. Silver: $500
  3. Bronze: $300

Don’t miss out on the chance to be part of the River City Classic Pickleball Tournament – register now for an unforgettable weekend of competition, connection, and fun! Competitors can register here if they’re interested.

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