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What Pickleball Paddle Do the Pros Use?

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By Jacob Jackson

In this article, we will take a closer look at What Pickleball Paddle the Pros Use and why. The popularity of pickleball has been steadily increasing over the years, leading to a surge in interest regarding the equipment used by professional players. Having the proper pickleball paddle is essential to take your game to the next level.

Pickleball Paddle Do the Pros Use
Pickleball Paddle Do the Pros Use

What Pickleball Paddle Do the Pros Use?

Pickleball paddles flood the market, but not all paddles are equal. Professional players commonly prefer top-tier paddles that provide a balance of power, control, and spin. The most popular brands amongst the pros are Selkirk, ProLite, and Engage.

One of the top pickleball paddles used by professionals is widely regarded as the Selkirk AMPED Epic. Its large sweet spot and graphite face give it increased power and control, while its polymer core helps to reduce vibrations and arm fatigue.

The ProLite Titan Pro is popular among professional players due to its honeycomb core, allowing excellent ball control and power. Additionally, its lightweight design makes it incredibly maneuverable on the court.

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Lastly, the Engage Encore Pro is a paddle that professional players favor due to its large sweet spot and textured surface, allowing an increased spin when hitting the ball. Furthermore, it features a unique core technology for improved touch and an excellent feel.

Why Do the Pros Use These Pickleball Paddles?

Professional pickleball players choose their paddles based on various factors, including weight, grip size, shape, and core material. The designers have crafted the paddles that the pros use to provide the perfect balance of power, control, and spin, enabling them to play at the highest level.

We carefully choose materials such as graphite and polymer for these paddles to provide the ideal combination of durability and performance. We also optimize the designs for maximum comfort and efficiency, incorporating ergonomic grips that reduce hand fatigue and prevent slipping.

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In addition, the top pickleball paddle brands often have a team of professional players who provide feedback and help improve their paddles’ design. This ensures that the paddles evolve to meet the needs of the players who use them.

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What are the benefits of using a custom-made paddle?

Many professional players use custom-made paddles that are tailored to their specific preferences and playing styles.

Why do professional players prefer certain rubbers on their paddles?

Rubbers are one of the most important components of a paddle, and professional players often have very specific preferences when it comes to the type of rubber they use.

What features do professional paddles have?

Professional paddles have several features that set them apart from recreational paddles.


In conclusion, professional pickleball players use high-end paddles from brands such as Selkirk, ProLite, and Engage. These paddles offer the perfect balance of power, control, and spin, enabling players to perform at their best. We carefully choose materials in designing these paddles to provide the ideal combination of durability and performance. The designs are optimized for maximum comfort and efficiency.

Investing in a high-quality paddle is essential if you’re serious about improving your pickleball game. Consider trying out some of the paddles used by the pros to see which one works best for you.

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