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Why Is It Difficult to Get Last Point in Pickleball?

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By Jacob Jackson

One of the most difficult aspects of pickleball is winning the last point of a game. You may have experienced this yourself: you lead by a comfortable margin, but you can’t close out the game. Why does this happen? And how to overcome it?

5 Reasons Why It Is Difficult to Get the Last Point

There are several reasons why winning the last point and closing out a pickleball match can be challenging. Here are some of the reasons:

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  1. Increased Pressure

    The last point is the most important one, which can make or break your game. You may feel nervous, anxious, or tense, affecting your concentration, confidence, and execution. You may also put too much pressure on yourself to win or worry about losing or disappointing others.

  2. Risk-Averse Approach

    When you are close to winning, you may play more conservatively and avoid taking risks. You can play safe shots, avoid errors, or wait for your opponent to make a mistake. However, this can backfire, as you may lose your aggressiveness, creativity, or initiative. You may also give your opponent more opportunities to attack or counterattack.

  3. Opponent’s Determination

    Your opponent may keep going and fight harder to stay in the game. They may raise their level of play, increase their intensity, or change their strategy. They may also try to distract, intimidate, or frustrate you with their shots or behavior. They may have nothing to lose and everything to gain, while you may have everything to lose and nothing to gain.

  4. Momentum Shifts

    The last point can be influenced by the momentum of the game, which can change quickly and unpredictably. You may lose momentum if you make a mistake, miss an opportunity, or face a challenge. Your opponent may gain momentum if they make a good shot, save a point, or win a rally. Momentum can affect your emotions, energy, and motivation, as well as your opponent’s.

  5. Mental Fatigue

    Your mental state can also affect the last point, which can deteriorate over time. You may feel tired, bored, distracted, or impatient. You may lose your focus, discipline, or patience. You may also experience mental blocks, doubts, or fears. You may need help to think, make good decisions, or adapt to changing situations.

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Tips to Win the Last Point

Here are some tips to help you win the pickleball game:

  1. Relax and Breathe

    The first tip is to calm yourself down and reduce stress. You can do this by taking deep breaths, loosening your muscles, or smiling. You can also use positive self-talk, affirmations, or visualization to boost your confidence and optimism. You can also remind yourself of your strengths, achievements, or goals.

  2. Play Your Game

    The second tip is to stick to your game plan and strengths. You can choose the right shots, tactics, or partners for your style and skill level. You can only change your game if you need to adapt to your opponent or the situation. You can also trust your instincts, intuition, or experience.

  3. Take Risks and Be Aggressive

    The third tip is to be assertive and proactive in your play. You can do this by taking calculated risks, attacking when you have a chance, or finishing the point when you can. You can also avoid playing too passively, defensively, or reactively. You can challenge yourself, push your limits, or surprise your opponent.

  4. Ignore Your Opponent and Focus On Yourself

    The fourth tip is to block out distractions or interference from your opponent. You can ignore their shots, comments, gestures, or expressions. You can also avoid arguments, conflicts, or mind games with them. You can also control your emotions, reactions, or responses to them.

  5. Enjoy the Moment and Have Fun

    The fifth tip is to have a positive attitude and enjoy the game. You can do this by having fun, being playful, or being grateful. You can also appreciate the challenge, the opportunity, or the learning experience. You can also celebrate your successes, learn from your failures, or congratulate your opponent.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can cause your team to lose a point in pickleball?

Several factors can cause a team to lose a point in pickleball. It includes missing the ball, fouling by hitting the ball out of bounds or over the net, making a foul shot (such as carrying, volleying, or double-hitting), failing to return a serve within 7 feet from where it was served, and making an unforced error.

Why do some pickleball games go to 15?

Some pickleball games are typically set to 15 points. It can make the game more competitive by giving players a longer scoreline, allowing players to come back from behind, and making room for greater strategy play. Additionally, having two rallies per point can promote consistency and accuracy while challenging the game’s psychological aspect.

In conclusion, winning the last point in pickleball can be challenging, but with the right mindset and strategies, you can overcome this obstacle. Remember to stay focused, be confident, and have fun while playing. Happy Pickleballing!

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