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Newport Beach Pickleball – Courts, Tournaments & Training Guide

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By Jacob Jackson

Newport Beach has emerged as one of the top destinations for pickleball in California, hosting major tournaments and offering plenty of spaces for recreational play all year. This guide covers everything you need to know for 2023 events.

About Newport Beach Pickleball Tournaments and Open Play

If you are looking for a place to play pickleball in Newport Beach, California, you have several options. One of them is the Newport Beach Pickleball Club, which organizes tournaments and open play sessions throughout the year. The club welcomes members and guests of all levels, from beginners to advanced players. The club also offers clinics, lessons, and social events for pickleball enthusiasts.

Newport Beach Pickleball

Another option is the Newport Beach Tennis Club, which has eight dedicated courts and hosts tournaments and leagues for players. The club also has a pro shop, a restaurant, and a fitness center. You can join the club as a member or pay a daily fee to play pickleball.

Whether you are looking for a competitive challenge or a casual game, you can find it at Newport Beach Pickleball Tournaments and Open Play. Pickleball is a great way to stay fit, have fun, and meet new friends. So grab your paddle and join the community in Newport Beach

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Pickleball Courts in Newport Beach, CA -Locations & Access Information

Discover the epitome of pickleball perfection at Newport Pickleball Courts. Nestled within the vibrant community of Newport Rentals, these courts redefine recreational excellence. Immerse yourself in a dynamic and friendly atmosphere, where players of all levels converge for spirited matches.

Meticulously maintained surfaces ensure a flawless game, while the picturesque surroundings elevate the overall experience. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a novice enthusiast, Newport Pickleball Courts provide an inviting space to hone your skills and forge lasting connections. Unleash your competitive spirit in a setting designed for unparalleled enjoyment.

Explore the link ( for more information and join us in the heart of Newport’s thriving pickleball community.

Ranking the Best Pickleball Courts Near Newport Beach, CA

  1. Corona del Mar HS – 8 consistent courts with frequent community play
  2. Newport Tennis Club – Premium courts for all skill levels
  3. Cliff Drive Park – Scenic location along ocean cliffs
  4. Bonita Canyon Sports Park – Newest Newport courts with lessons
  5. Mariners Park – Lighted evening play available
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Newport Beach Pickleball Lessons – Training Options

Pickleball classes at Bonita Canyon are exclusively available to Newport Beach residents, fostering a community-centric approach to this popular sport. This restriction ensures that locals can actively participate, promoting a sense of unity and shared recreational experiences within the Newport Beach community. To access these classes, residents can refer to the provided link for more details and registration information:”

Newport Beach Pickleball Courts

2022 Newport Holiday Classic Breaks Tournament Records

The 2022 Newport Holiday Classic made history by shattering tournament records in pickleball. As reported by CBS News, this event, held in Newport Beach, emerged as the largest-ever tournament. Athletes from diverse backgrounds showcased their skills, contributing to an unforgettable display of sportsmanship.

The tournament’s success underscored the growing popularity of pickleball and marked a milestone in its competitive landscape. Participants and spectators alike reveled in the electrifying atmosphere, making the 2022 Newport Holiday Classic a groundbreaking and record-breaking sporting spectacle.

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FAQs – Pickleball in Newport Beach

Where can I find round-robins or pop-up tournaments?

Cliff Drive Park frequently hosts community round-robins open to all abilities in addition to major competitive events.

Are there lessons for kids?

Yes, both private and group junior pickleball programs are available through local tennis teaching pros.

What tournaments happen annually?

The Carbon Canyon Open in spring and Holiday Classic in December are Newport’s marquee annual pickleball tourneys.

Can I rent a court for private play?

Harbor Day School has affordable hourly court rental when available outside of school programs.

Any Friday night social play opportunities?

Newport Beach Tennis Club hosts Friday Night Lights social play under the lights – all levels welcome with reservable court times.


In 2023, Newport Beach offers no shortage of opportunities for competitive and social pickleball through its thriving community calendared events, dedicated courts, lessons, routine open play sessions, and major tournaments like the annual Holiday Classic.

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